Student & Research Groups

Student & Research Groups

Field Trips & Group Outings

Do you need an engaging and enlightening way of introducing new students to each other and to London? Are you looking to bring topics alive outside of the lecture theatre? Would an alternative form of field trip help fuel your research group?

Dotmaker Tours are a pleasurable and unexpected way to bring groups together while making creative discoveries and learning about pressing contemporary issues. All our tours explore particular themes through a rich interdisciplinary focus on London. They are designed to trigger insight and discussion between participants.

The tours are led by fully insured guides, Rosie Oliver and Cathy Haynes. A life-long Londoner, Rosie founded Dotmaker Tours in 2012. She also works as a background as an environmental lawyer and produces audio and video features for Tickertape Productions. Cathy Haynes is an artist, writer and former Curator for Art on the Underground. Cathy leads A Genius Tour.

Past Study Groups

Dotmaker Tours regularly leads field trips for Masters students in Law at University College London (UCL) to introduce them to London and help them get to know each other.

Students, research groups and education professionals who have booked Dotmaker tours to feed their own practice include:

  • Postgraduate researchers and artists from the Critical Practice group, Chelsea College of the Arts – University of the Arts London
  • International education professionals taking the British Council & UCL Museum Training School module on Community Engagement
  • BA students on the Creative Writing and Design courses at Greenwich University.
Fading are the days of being led between predictable sights by a self-satisfied guide armed with an umbrella and dad jokes. In are trips led by proper, passionate experts who don’t just show you stuff, but surprise you, help you understand a place and, in [Dotmaker’s] words, make you “stop, look, listen, think” — Sunday Times Travel supplement feature on Dotmaker Tours Rubbish Trip, 21 September 2014


This list gives the broad disciplinary areas that each tour addresses. For the full details of each tour’s content and location, click on its title.

  • A Power Walk (weekdays) – English constitutional history, London history, public law, politics and architecture.
  • Rubbish Trip – past, present and future of waste management and materials culture; themes of waste, value and the circular economy; London & local history (emphasis on C19th & C20th).
  • A Genius Tour – Creative confidence and skills; innovation; collaboration and communication; wellbeing and potential; history of literature, art and architecture; psychology.
  • London In Slow Motion – London history, politics and economics, planning and cities, music and literature, mindfulness.
  • The London Ear (Sunday mornings) – London history, the physics and social history of sound, soundscapes, pollution control, architecture, planning and cities.
  • Chimneys & Tunnels along the River – urban development, industrialisation and the history of pollution control in London.
  • Greenwich Bestiary – Greenwich social history, architecture and assorted whimsy.

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For more details and a conversation about what you’re looking for from a tour, contact Dotmaker Tours.