Participant Reviews


What a truly thrilling Rubbish Trip we had. It was perfect. Well organised, well paced, full of interesting information and locations. It’s the way you provoke new ways of thinking and looking at the world which is so enriching. Listening to you speak is a pleasure. How many people could hold the attention of a talkative group suffering from post Brexit shock and the distraction of cute animals.
Linda, Limehouse

Brilliant walk taking in unexplored and unknown parts of London. Taken at the right pace can full of interesting information. Loved it and look forward to the next one. I would fully recommend it!
Sue, Somerset

[We] really enjoyed the walk – it took us around places we didn’t know existed and demonstrated that the Isle of Dogs is far more varied and, in places, rural, than we had anticipated.  We learnt some new things too – like the derivation of the name Mudchute – and saw some things which we would not have appreciated had we not had you as our guide.  Perhaps equally interestingly it made us think about rubbish in a different way – we had anticipated the walk to be wholly historical in its approach so were struck by the contemparary issues raised.  The walk completely met the objectives set on the introductory ‘blurb’!
Karen, Clacton-on-Sea

Really enjoyed the Rubbish Trip. [Rosie] did an excellent job of melding environmental, social and historical dimensions of waste into an informative and engaging presentation. Highly recommended for anyone interested in this subject.
Joel, on A Rubbish Trip for the Environment Agency’s team of prosecutors

Our 2 Nov Rubbish Trip was amazing.  I learned a huge amount of interesting things about this unusual subject – what London’s rubbish is, where it comes from, where it goes and how that has changed through the ages.  Rosie, who is a font of knowledge on the subject, made it all incredible fun.
Declan, Hampstead

This is the most special trip that I have ever had! It sounds weird at first, but it turns out so interesting! It is a fabulous opportunity for me to view this city from a totally new angle! I really enjoy it!
International student, UCL


We took a visiting aunt and uncle to The London Ear tour, which was just incredible. Walking round the City of London learning about the history of the area through sounds – from stock exchange to poetry to bells. Really rich and enjoyable.
Rebecca, Clapton

We just had an amazing tour with Rosie as part of a university student group I had brought to London for four days. We did “The London Ear” tour which Rosie kindly helped organize around our schedule. Absolutely perfect for our group as we were exploring London from the perspective of nonverbal communication. Rosie was highly prepared and deeply researched – she really knew her stuff. She had the most fantastic energy and kept us engaged for some two and a half hours … I cannot recommend this tour more highly.
Crispin, Switzerland

 The London Ear walk was a guided tour like none other. Starting on Remembrance Sunday at St. Paul’s Cathedral and winding our way though old and new passageways and learning about London in a completely different perspective that i would have have never discovered! A truly great experience learning about London’s history that i would recommend all to see… or hear.
Glen, London

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Amazing! I’d like to thank my brilliant guide, Rosie, who showed me a side to London I never knew. We explored the sometimes silent, and hidden spaces around the City, as well as the more noisy parts. I was encouraged to actively listen to my environment, something I realise I rarely do, this made the walk through the bustling market quite overwhelming and I spent the rest of the afternoon just strolling around the city listening to everthing I’d been ignoring before. A very enlightening tour. Perfect.
Ben, Plaistow


I thought the walk was great, as did all the family … We were talking about it all the rest of the day. I particularly liked the mix of juicy facts, elastic timescales, crisscrossing themes, clues and surprises hidden in plain sight, and the way [Rosie] kept incorporating our own imaginations.
Barry, Walthamstow

Fabulous! … we really loved [the] walk. Intimate, informative and a new perspective on seeing and hearing London.
Julia, London

An intensely enriching experience.
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Loved it! Rosie’s tour, A Power Walk was everything you’d want from a guided walk and more. The tour has been curated with care and imagination so it will hold your interest all the way thorough. We were a big group and Rosie had us completely engaged from the very start. Her breadth of knowledge offers fascinating insights to London’s history and character, and her enthusiasm make the experience not only informative but interactive, warm and fun. It also packs some surprises! I would thoroughly recommend Dotmaker Tours and look forward to the next one!
Naomi, Highbury

Once again Dotmaker Tours comes up with the unexpected and unusual. As a Londoner, I tend to pride myself with some knowledge, but Rosie Oliver on the Power Walk tour, took and told us of many new things. The visit to the Royal Courts of Justice was worth the cost of the tour alone. She also has the patience to actually listen to the people that she is leading. Can’t wait for the next new Dotmaker Tour.
David, Surrey

Thank you so much for a great time – we all thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the accompanying discussions!  You left us with so much to think about which was just what we wanted.
Margaret, West Sussex


Brilliant! Rosie provided a fascinating and informative walking tour. Well organised and highly interesting. We had a very enjoyable day and shall be booking another tour soon!
Louise, Woodbridge

A great walk! I went on the Chimneys and Tunnels tour last weekend and it was really good. I’ve lived in London all my life and I thought I knew London a bit but this tour showed that I don’t! Rosie was a great guide full of facts and fun asides on what we saw around us on the walk. Highly recommended.
Ray, Wimbledon

We went on Dotmaker Tours’ Chimneys and Tunnels and enjoyed every minute. A fascinating insight into all the layers of history which make up Greenwich, all through enjoyable facts and myths surrounding a whole variety of chimneys and tunnels – it’s a great walk too, lovely views and a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Tour guide Rosie’s energy is infectious and her insights are so interesting. Our tour party talked about all we’d learnt and seen for most of the evening afterwards! Makes you see London in a new light too…
Rebecca, Stoke Newington


A wonderfully original tour – an exercise in drawing one’s attention to fascinating obscure historical detail that would otherwise go unnoticed. My eye, from now on, will always be turned when I travel Greenwich streets.
Dan, Blackheath

A complete treat – really loved it. Such a thoughtful and truly brilliant tour.
Eloise, Battersea on the Greenwich Bestiary


I loved the Genius Tour. What I like about this and your other tours is that it’s not just about fact-sharing about the city, but placing those facts in a larger cultural context, making us think, making the tour an open conversation.
Cristina, London

I really loved the walk on Friday – Cathy was a great guide, really fascinating content, enthusiastic and knowledgable. Would love to go to more and have spread the word far and wide!
Anne-Laure, London

Thank you so much for a really interesting and enjoyable day. The feedback from everyone in the team has been great – on your very warm welcome (including the chocolate!) the morning walk, afternoon activities and Cathy’s style. Far and away the best team ‘working’ awayday we’ve had. 
Katie, London on A Genius Tour for the innocent creative team 

Really enjoyed it! We’d certainly go on another [Dotmaker Tour] and recommend them unreservedly.
Jeff, London