Walks and Away-Days for Corporate Groups

Planning a team outing or away-day? Read on for highlights of what each tour can offer. For more information about Dotmaker Tours for Corporate Groups click here.

You’ll find more detailed descriptions of each walk’s content in the Walks pages in the menu above.

A Rubbish Trip

South of Canary Wharf/Greenwich

We may dismiss stuff as rubbish, but could rubbish be more interesting than stuff? Galvanise your team and clients with fresh perspectives on waste and the circular economy. Ponder the future of materials in the context of London’s fascinating history as a city built from trash.

A Genius Tour

Central London

Follow in the footsteps of luminaries who’ve been struck by inspiration while walking London’s streets. Take a tour through the stages of the creative process. Unlearn unhelpful myths about genius to help build your team’s creative confidence. Experiment with taking off your everyday filters and sleuthing for inspiration in the least expected places. End on a trail of failure, and a battle between two great painters, to see what we can learn about bouncing back.

The tour can be between two and five hours, and includes the opportunity to experiment with strategies. The longer version includes more exercises and discussion tailored to your needs, and can be split into two parts with lunch in between.

Chimneys & Tunnels Along the Thames

Greenwich/Isle of Dogs

Wonder at the infrastructure that our cities depend on whilst wandering along the Thames and through historic Greenwich. Entertain your team and clients with stories of autocratic astronomers, exploding funnels and mass hysteria.

The London Ear

City of London

We may hear, but how well do we really listen? Help your team get reconnected with its ears on this sonic exploration of the City of London. Travel in time through London’s cacophonous past and try to imagine how the future might sound.

The Environment of London

Central London

Forget remote nature reserves, Central London is the ultimate field trip when it comes to the environment. Surprise your team with facts and stories from the city’s dirty past. Find out about the many pressures facing the capital today, from flooding to climate change. And learn about the campaigns, reforms and infrastructure to keep 9 million Londoners healthy.

A Power Trip

Central London, weekdays only

Gain invigorating insight into the forces of influence and coercion that surround us in the modern metropolis. Invite your team to reflect on its own relationship to power with this engaging and provocative take on English constitutional, political and legal history. Investigate London’s streets and architecture to see how they liberate and entrap. And witness a court of law in action.

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