Friends, family and clubs

Friends and family get-togethers

Planning a get-together for friends and family to reconnect after months of zooming? Looking for an activity for your club that avoids the usual tourist traps and cliches? Why not book a private group tour?!

Four of our walks are available to groups of up to 16 people

    • Chimneys & Tunnels along the Thames (Greenwich and Isle of Dogs) – Take a good long yomp through the remains of London’s industrial landscape, discovering its history of manufacture, pollution and power.
    • Trinity Buoy Wharf and The Swirling Thames (weekends only, North Greenwich, Docklands) – explore the twists and turns of the Thames round North Greenwich peninsula, and the ebbs and flows of water, people and industry. Visit London’s only lighthouse and listen live to the world’s longest musical composition.
    • A Rubbish Trip (Isle of Dogs and Greenwich) – Take a trip through London’s history of muck and trash, and get to know some of the most fascinating and little-known parts of the capital.
    • The London Ear (Sundays only, City of London) – Listen your way through the City with extraordinary tales and playful experiments. Find out about the capital’s defining Cs and B flats, why you can hear Bow Bells in Singapore and how the future might sound.

The cost is £15 per person (minimum fee £120). To arrange a walk, drop us a line to let us know what you’re looking for and your dates, and we’ll take it from there.