The Environment of London

Looking for a sustainability tour of London for your study group? Interested in the environmental issues facing cities and how they are being addressed? This short wander from Temple to Trafalgar Square explores Central London’s environment and how it has changed over hundreds, thousands and millions of years. From flood risk to climate change we’ll consider the many challenges threatening this densely populated city today. We’ll find out about the infrastructure – from tunnels to trees – designed to manage those risks and to protect Londoners from harm. And we’ll hear about the crises, court cases and reforms that have spearheaded improvements.

The walk is devised and led by Rosie Oliver, founder of Dotmaker Tours. Rosie has a background as an environmental lawyer and policy specialist. Environmental and sustainability issues are a theme in several of her walks including A Rubbish Trip  and Chimneys and Tunnels Along the Thames. When she’s not leading Dotmaker Tours she produces podcasts and audio features for Tickertape Productions. 

Rosie’s environmental walk through London’s well known streets was inspired, surprising, funny, and deeply informative. Rosie is a font of knowledge about environmental law and policy, and about our living environment in London. She brings this knowledge to bear in highly engaging ways through her walking tours, showing us how to see our everyday surroundings with new ideas and new eyes. The walk was fabulous for locals and visitors alike. The whole group (approx 30 people) were raving about the experience over our dinner that followed.
Professor Eloise Scotford, University College London

Private group bookings

This walk is ideally suited to  groups with an interest in the environment and sustainability. If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you.