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Past Study Groups

Dotmaker Tours regularly leads field trips for Law Masters students at University College London (UCL) as one of the activities they offer students to enjoy their time in London and get to know the city. A Power Trip is a particular favourite for the foreign students, as it gives an introduction to English constitutional and political history, and includes a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice.

Students, research groups and education professionals who have booked Dotmaker tours to feed their own practice include:

  • Masters students from UCL studying Environmental Law & Policy came on A Rubbish Trip and Chimneys & Tunnels Along the Thames
  • Masters students studying User Experience Design at London College of Communication came on A Rubbish Trip
  • Masters students from Bern University, Switzerland studying nonverbal communication came on The London Ear as part of a week long ‘Sensing the City’ field trip to London
  • Undergraduate students from Eckerd College, Florida USA, studying ‘Literature and Garbage’ came on A Rubbish Trip
  • Postgraduate researchers and artists from the Critical Practice group, Chelsea College of the Arts, University of the Arts London came on A Rubbish Trip and A Power Trip
  • International education professionals taking the British Council & UCL Museum Training School module on Community Engagement came on The Greenwich Bestiary
  • BA students on the Creative Writing and Design courses at Greenwich University came on The Greenwich Bestiary

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This list gives the broad disciplinary areas that each tour addresses. For the full details of each tour’s content and location, click on its title.

  • A Power Trip (weekdays) – English constitutional history, London history, public law, politics and architecture.
  • Rubbish Trip – past, present and future of waste management and materials culture; themes of waste, value and the circular economy; London & local history (emphasis on C19th & C20th).
  • A Genius Tour – Creative confidence and skills; innovation; collaboration and communication; wellbeing and potential; history of literature, art and architecture; psychology.
  • The Environment of London – environmental policy, environmental law, urban planning, London history.
  • London In Slow Motion – London history, politics and economics, planning and cities, music and literature, mindfulness.
  • The London Ear – London history, the physics and social history of sound, soundscapes, pollution control, architecture, planning and cities.
  • Chimneys & Tunnels along the River – urban development, industrialisation and the history of pollution control in London.
  • Greenwich Bestiary – Greenwich social history, architecture and assorted whimsy.


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