Walks and Away-Days for Corporate Groups

Planning a team outing or away-day? Read on for highlights of what each tour can offer. For more information about Dotmaker Tours for Corporate Groups click here.

You’ll find more detailed descriptions of each walk’s content in the Walks pages in the menu above.

A Genius Tour

Central London

Raise your team’s creative confidence, capacity and ambition, along with their ability to collaborate and bounce back when things don’t go to plan. A Genius Tour busts the myths and offers valuable lessons about the creative process both for experienced creative professionals whose job it is to deliver ideas on tap, as well as those less confident at working creatively.

The tour can be between two and five hours, and includes the opportunity to experiment with strategies. The longer version includes more exercises and discussion tailored to your needs, and can be split into two parts with lunch in between.

A Rubbish Trip

South of Canary Wharf/Greenwich

Galvanise your team and clients with new thinking about waste management and the circular economy. Reflect on the future of materials in the context of London’s fascinating history as a city built from rubbish.

The Rubbish Trip takes two hours. The tour can be extended to four hours to include a talk and beer-tasting at Greenwich’s Meantime Brewery, with the option of lunch in between.

A Power Trip

Central London, weekdays only

Gain invigorating insight into the forces of influence and coercion that surround us in the modern metropolis. Invite your team to reflect on its own relationship to power with this engaging and provocative take on English constitutional, political and legal history. Investigate London’s streets and architecture to see how they liberate and entrap, and witness a court of law in action.

London In Slow Motion

Central London

Challenge your team and clients to pause and notice the London that ticks to a different beat. Explore the liberating and rebellious side to dawdling in a place addicted to speed. Reflect on how we might transform our cities by slowing them down. London In Slow Motion includes exercises in mindfulness and observing the city in ways that feed perception and creativity.

The walk can be followed by a 90-120min workshop on slowing down for creativity, productivity and reasoning. This includes developing practical strategies to improve work-life balance.

The London Ear

City of London, Sunday mornings only

Charge your clients’ creative imagination. Help your team get reconnected with its ears and make playful listening experiments to reveal how deeply sound influences us. Reflect on today’s chronic sound pollution, what we might learn from old wooden pavements and how we want the future to sound.

Chimneys & Tunnels Along the Thames

Greenwich/Isle of Dogs

Treat your team or clients to a good long yomp through historic Greenwich and round the remains of London’s industrial landscape. Reflect on the hidden infrastructure that our cities depend on whilst being entertained by marvellous stories of autocratic astronomers, exploding funnels and mass hysteria.

This walk takes two and a half hours. The tour can be extended to four hours to include a talk and beer-tasting at Greenwich’s Meantime Brewery with the option of lunch in between.

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