Dotmaker Tours lead London walks to change your perspective.

Our alternative London walks cover parts of the City, Central London, Greenwich and The Docklands. They each offer fresh ways of experiencing London — for locals and visitors alike — and richer ways of looking at the world at large. You might find yourself awed by judges in the Royal Courts of Justice, revelling in reflected sounds from St Paul’s Cathedral bells or marvelling at methods of transforming the capital’s dust. We keep group sizes small to make things interactive and conversational.

Dotmaker Tours are devised and led by fully-insured guides, Rosie Oliver and Cathy Haynes. A life-long Londoner, Rosie founded Dotmaker Tours in 2012. She also produces spoken audio features for Tickertape Productions. Linking both ventures is a deep interest in London’s soundscape. Rosie’s recording of St Paul’s Cathedral bells Chiming During the Pandemic was shortlisted for Sound of the Year 2020, and her London Ear inspired piece London A to G was featured on BBC Radio Ulster’s Soundscapes show. Rosie has a background as an environmental lawyer working in government and for the UK Environmental Law Association. Her passion for the environment and interest in law and policy informs the content of all her tours. 

Cathy Haynes leads A Genius Tour. Cathy is a curator, writer, artist and educator.

Reflections from 2020

Reflections from 2014

Rosie Oliver, Founder of Dotmaker Tours

Dotmaker is born of my own past experience rushing through the city, oblivious to so much, with my mind occupied with rehashing past conversations or stressing about future ones.

With all the unlikely life-wisdom of a child’s pedestrian safety mantra, everything changed when I took time to ‘Stop. Look. Listen. Think.’ The moment – and there was a very particular moment – when I sat down, breathed, and re-opened my eyes and ears, had a profound effect on my sense of London and its possibilities. It’s that spirit of rediscovery, curiosity and wonder that I want to share.

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