London In Slow Motion

The London that ticks to a different beat

Re-discover London as a slow place on this leisurely stroll through the hectic West End.

In a city addicted to speed, we’ll reclaim the right to dawdle and the pleasures of observing. We’ll zoom out our gaze away from London now to take a long-term view of the city, and how it is changing over the centuries, millennia and across epochs. We’ll notice architectural details and monuments that pay tribute to the slow. And we’ll celebrate those rebels who rail against the rush with their wilful sloth.

London In Slow Motion is led by Rosie Oliver, founder of Dotmaker Tours. Listen to Rosie introduce the walk.

London In Slow Motion has been developed in collaboration with Cathy Haynes, former Timekeeper in Residence at the UCL Petrie Museum of Ancient Egyptology. It has been featured in British Airways highlife magazine and on Arte TV’s Yourope show (German clip available here), and recommended by Guardian Travel, Time Out and Londonist.

An intensely enriching experience … we’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to experience a different side to a city they think they already know.

Fabulous! …  Intimate, informative and a new perspective on seeing and hearing London.

A walk like no other … Rosie takes you through the ages, and across history, biology, architecture, politics, art, music, food, all in the space of ten minutes. And she is so passionate about what she is showing that is contagious – all the while being light hearted and fun.

What to expect

London In Slow Motion guided walk challenges the idea that London is one of the fastest cities on earth, by re-introducing tour-goers to it as a slow place. Tour goers will:

  • • explore the area around the Strand, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, with its busy streets and hidden alleys
  • • take time to experience stillness and to notice the different tempos and rhythms of the city
  • • find out about how the capital has changed over hundreds, thousands and millions of years
  • • be shown architectural features and monuments that pay tribute to slow
  • • hear about different ways that Londoners – from artists to reformers – have used slowness as a strategy

Like all our walks, we limit groups to max 10 people to keep things interactive and allow plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Available to Private Groups

This walk is available to groups to book throughout the year. Visit our groups pages to find out more.