An Environmental Wander


Private group tours are a big part of what we do, be that for corporates, students, academics or friends. We spent a hugely enjoyable evening recently taking EU environmental lawyers on an environmental walk through central London. We covered topics from flooding and water pollution to air quality, climate change and biodiversity – all in the space of about a mile!

We were thrilled with this feedback from UCL’s Professor Eloise Scotford:

Rosie’s bespoke environmental walk through London’s well known streets was inspired, surprising, funny, and deeply informative. Rosie is a font of knowledge about environmental law and policy, and about our living environment in London. She brings this knowledge to bear in highly engaging ways through her walking tours, showing us how to see our everyday surroundings with new ideas and new eyes. The walk was fabulous for locals and visitors alike. The whole group (approx 30 people) were raving about the experience over our dinner that followed.

We’re now offering this walk to other private groups. We see it having a particular appeal to environmental/policy professionals and students visiting London. It’s a short walk (about 1 hour 15 mins), starting by the Thames and finishing near Trafalgar Square. We could, of course, adapt it to something a bit longer if needed. For example, we have since led a version from Temple tube to Trafalgar Square (about 1 hour 45 mins).

If the idea appeals, we’d love to hear from you.