What price London’s air?

When William III introduced the window tax it was met with popular outrage. Famously, there were those who bricked in their windows to avoid paying. What might otherwise have been welcomed as a progressive tax on large property owners, was instead perceived as a charge on light (hence the expression ‘daylight robbery’) and air.I found myself(…)

Open House for Dotmakers

With September just around the corner, we’ve been turning our thoughts to Open House weekend on 22nd-23rd. It’s when hundreds of fabulous buildings in London open their doors to the public for free. There’s loads to delight lovers of architecture and the decorative arts. We’ve been rooting through the schedule for more Dotmaker-ish destinations. Here(…)

Celebrating London’s trees

It’s May, the sun is out and the trees are looking good! As well as their gorgeous spring finery, here are five things to love about London’s trees.London’s trees are as much a part of the capital’s human history as are its buildings. Take the London Plane, which is in fact a cross between the(…)

Finally on TripAdvisor!

Five years (yes, five!) since we launched, we are now FINALLY on TripAdvisor. We’re pleased as punch.So far we’ve had five wonderful reviews posted there. But we’ve got loads more on our website, amassed over the years. They give a really good flavour of what to expect.We’re always delighted to hear from people about their experiences on(…)

Stop. Look. Listen. Think.

It’s been a very long time since my last post. A lot has happened. I’ve met a wonderful array of tour-goers, old and young. I’ve taken on Central London with London In Slow Motion, the London Ear and the recently launched Power Walk. I’m slow-cooking ideas for a new tour in 2015 about Common London. And(…)